This web page was supposed to be a page were I could put pics of all the amplifiers I was going to build. It never served this purpose. The first amp I builded, a design by John Linsley Hood proved to deliver all the quality I could ever ask for. Therefore this page has become a tribute to this one amplifier design. 

During the time I came in contact with many people who also appreciated the qualities of the JLH 10W. A few of those people were convinced that the design could even be improved. This led to the development of the JLH 10W Evolution, an amplifier that has few competitors when it comes to simplicity, quality and ease to build. 

John Linsley Hood 10 Watt Versterker. (this is in dutch, folks)

John Linsley Hood '69 10 Watt Amplifier

Pre Amp, with Amplimo modules.

John Linsley Hood 10 Watt 

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